Kayla Martell Has Alopecia

If you thought that hair loss would stop you from achieving your dreams, you should take a look at beauty queen Kayla Martell. Kayla Martell was Miss Delaware in the 2011 Miss America contest, held in Las Vegas on January 15th. In addition to being among the top ten finalists in that competition, Kalya also has been diagnosed with alopecia areata, inexplicable and incurable hair loss. She has been living with alopecia areata since she was 10 years old and thus pays special attention to supporting children diagnosed with the disease. Her dedicated cause during the pageant was the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. She is committed to raising awareness of and support for the disease and the individuals that suffer from it.

Kayla Martell had competed five times for the title of Miss Delaware. The first three times she competed without a wig and the final two times she competed with a blond wig, including the final competition in which she was crowned Miss Delaware. In her interview with CBSnews, Miss Martell stated, “when I competed without the wig it was great because I was really representing who I am.”

She often expresses that she feels as comfortable with her wigs as she does without them. In fact, she states that she didn’t even own a wig until she began wearing it for competition. On a daily basis, doing things like shopping, spending time with friends, and working out, Kayla proudly sports her clean-shaven head, or the very short fuzzy style that grows naturally. For this reason she felt no conflict in competing with her wig in the National Miss America contest. She easily removes and reaffixes her wig on television and claims that family support and her position as a role model is what gives her the confidence to compete and be herself.

Just as she appears in public spaces both with and without her wig, she encourages women and girls to make that decision for themselves with no moral right or wrong attached to their choice. Her blog, Kalya’s Corner, aims to create “a safe space,” entertain and also raise awareness about “the many causes of women’s hair loss.” She offers advice, insights, and creates a forum for women and children who suffer from hair loss to ask questions and benefit from her experience. Also in her blog, she addresses varied topics from whether or not there should be a bald Barbie, to interviewing women undergoing chemotherapy.

This young woman shows us that we’re able to pursue our passions and desires fearlessly. Once you are able to embrace your hair loss and view yourself as beautiful, desirable, even a role model to other women, others will be able to view you in that light. It’s not only a matter of inner beauty it’s also a matter of letting what is inside, how you feel about yourself, show through on the outside.

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Vacuum Wigs: Basic Questions and Answers

So what exactly is a vacuum hair prosthesis?

A vacuum hair prosthesis (or wig) is created by taking a mold that is tailored specifically for the curvature and shape of head. Hair is attached to the resulting base and styled to your specifications. A vacuum wig is made of hypoallergenic materials that will wisk away sweat, which often cause itching and odor. The base of the wig secures to your head via a vacuum seal that makes it extraordinarly secure. When the wig is placed on the head with a perfect shape, it creates a vacuum seal and it won’t come off unless you intentionally break the seal and remove it. The beauty of a vacuum hairpiece is that it is not necessary to use medical adhesives or tape to secure it in place. The vacuum seal alone will hold it securely in place.

Is a Vacuum hairpiece right for me? In order to create a vacuum wig, a trained hair loss professional will create a mold of your head. For a vacuum wig to work, it is also necessary that you be completely bald. This is an ideal solution for the person who is suffering from Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis.

If you are suffering from hair loss, but you still have some hair on your head, there are a host of other hair loss solutions available which you can explore with your hair loss consultant.

How much does it cost? A quality vacuum hair prosthesis or wig can range in price from $1,500 to $2,900. Several fittings are usually required, and when the final wig is ready, your hair replacement clinic will “cut it in,” styling it just the way you want it. The end result is fabulous. Caring for your new wig is also extremely easy. A quality human hair wig can be styled, moussed, colored, put up, taken down, everything you can do with your own natural growing hair.

Will a vacuum wig fall off? The vacuum wig, by its nature, is extremely secure. It will not fall off like many fashion wigs you might buy online or at the mall. A custom vacuum wig or hair prosthesis will not come off unless it is taken off intentionally. To remove it, simply place your fingers underneath the edge of the wig’s base in order to release the suction.

Is a vacuum wig comfortable? A quality custom made vacuum wig is extremely comfortable. May clients report that they totally forget that it is on their head. It quite literally becomes part of you. Many people with Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis opt for this type of hair loss solution since it meets their needs and allows them the lifestyle freedom they desire.

How do I keep the hairpiece clean? Caring for a vacuum wig is similar to caring for your own naturally growing hair, since it is designed for extended wear. May clients never remove it. Simply shower and shampoo as you normally would and wash it and condition it as if it were your own growing hair.